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I’m basically her
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i’d rather fuck someone with a hairy ass than someone with an ass covered in razor burn and ingrown hairs…

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It is such a cute fucking movie that takes place in Toronto. I was squealing internally. Highly recommend.


Not many people know this song and I love it.


Untitled, c. 1930s
Osamu Shiihara
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Black’s Beach | San Diego | July 2014

Watching the 1944 eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Picture by George Rodger.
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Dinner in San Diego. (at Gaslamp Quarter)
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It’s in San Diego.

So @officialjessgarcia and I made dinner.

Main course: Fettuccini with creamy tomato sauce and parmesan crusted chicken drizzled with aged-balsamic vinegar served alongside a tomato basil soup.

Dessert: Red Velvet Cheesecake.
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